Internal insulation - wet method

U=0,44 W/(m2*K), Rt=2,3 (m2*K)/W

Internal insulation of an existing wall with the "wet" method consists in laying VestaEco INTERNAL insulation board on the internal side of the wall with the use of clay mortar. The boards should be arranged with a horizontal offset and should be fixed to the wall. The boards are rendered with thin layer clay plaster reinforced with VestaEco M jute mesh.

Popis vrstev:
  1. Thin layer Claytec clay plaster
  2. Reinforcement with VestaEco M jute mesh on Claytec clay mortar
  3. VestaEco INTERNAL 80 mm
  4. Wkrętmet WKTHERM-S screws 8 pieces/m2
  5. Claytec clay mortar
  6. Existing brick wall 300 mm

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