Internal insulation - dry method

U=0,25 W/(m2*K), Rt=3,9 (m2*K)/W

Internal insulation of an existing wall with the "dry" method consists in laying VestaEco WALL boards on the internal side of the wall so as to preserve the external appearance of the facade. The boards of low diffusion resistance are capable of absorbing moisture. In this way, the moisture condensation on the internal surface of the wall may be reduced and the mold fungi growth may be prevented. The boards should be mechanically fixed to the wall.

Popis vrstev:
  1. Clay paint
  2. VestaEco LDF 30 mm
  3. VestaEco V vapor barrier
  4. VestaEco WALL 120 mm
  5. Timber substructure
  6. Existing brick wall 300 mm
  7. Wkrętmet WKTHERM-S screws 8 pieces/m2

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