Strawbale wall insulation 1

U=0,10 W/(m2*K), Rt=10,2 (m2*K)/W

Strawbale wall insulation consist in filling the voids between the timber frame structure with VestaEco STRAWBLOCK blocks and covering them from the external side with VestaEco PROTECT rigid insulation board. The external insulation board may be finished with a thin layer plaster. High heat capacity of the wall is additionally increased with a clay plaster layer laid from the internal side on VestaEco LDF board.

Popis vrstev:
  1. Lime - sand plaster 10 mm on 10x10 mm glass fiber mesh
  2. Lime finishing 2 mm
  3. Potassium varnish
  4. VestaEco PROTECT 40 mm
  5. VestaEco STRAWBLOCK 400 mm on clay mortar
  6. Timber frame structure
  7. VestaEco LDF 30 mm
  8. Claytec clay plaster reinforced with VestaEco M jute mesh
  9. Carpentry screws with washers or Prebena WP staples
  10. VestaEco FLOOR 15 mm

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