Insulation of a solid wood log wall

U=0,19 W/(m2*K), Rt=5,2 (m2*K)/W

Insulation of a solid wood log wall consists in laying VestaEco WALL boards from the internal side so as to preserve the appearance of the facade. The insulation board of high heat capacity improves the thermal conductivity coefficient of the wall without increasing the section of the logs. Fixing of the boards to the logs is made with carpentry screws or staples.

Popis vrstev:
  1. Clay paint
  2. VestaEco LDF 30 mm
  3. VestaEco V vapor barrier
  4. VestaEco WALL 120 mm
  5. Timber substructure
  6. Eurovent WALL PROTECT 3 120 g/m2 wind barrier
  7. Solid wood logs 200 mm
  8. Carpentry screws with washers or Prebena WP staples

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